Talstar Professional Pint

Product 218334



       Talstar Professinal is a great choice if your looking for a top rated professional product labeled to do almost anything. It is oderless and colorless. Talstar is labeled for turf pest such as fire ants, fleas, ticks, roaches, spiders, chinch bugs, sod webworm, and many more. As a turf application we rate it for 3-4 months per application.

       Talstar does not stop at a turf product is also labeled to do crack and crevice spraying in homesand business. It has a rating to go into areas such as kitchens, resturants, nursing homes, kennels, almost any indoor area. Being oderless and colorless makes application easy.

       Talstar is also labeled to do permiter applications around homes and building to keep almost any insect out. A normal perimeter is 5-10 feet around the home, hitting areas like windows, doors, eves and so forth. Talstar is also a resistered termiticide. It is labeled to pre-treat concrete slabs, as well as create a 5 year treching barrier.

      Lasy but not least Talstar is also labeled to do plants and ornamentals for a wide host of issues from , scale, afids, mealybugs, white fly and many many other listed.

Pint size makes 16-32 Gallons covering 16-32,000 sqft

Quarts size makes 32-64 Gallons covering 32-64,000sqft

3/4 gallon size makes 96-192 Gallons Covering 96-192,000 sqft.





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