Termidor SC 20 oz.

Product 218347



       Termidor Sc is a broad-based insecticide but its main label is termite and ant control. With its ability to be undetected and able to keep the target pest alive long enough to bring some of the chemical back into the nest. When done as a trenching method which is a small 6 inch deep trench put around the foundation of a building it is labeled for 10 years. As a surface treatment can be done once a year.


          Termidor also acts the same way on ants as it does on termites, making it second to none for quick and powerful ant control. The ant control label is similar to most perimeter treatments, creating a 5-10 foot band around the building and spot treating windows, doors, and eves. Done for normal pest control a residual of 3-4 months is to be expected.


     Application rates

     Trench Method calls for 4 gallons of mixed product for every 10 feet of trench. The dilution is 0.8 ounces per gallon. Once saturated the trench is closed and the barrier has a life of 10 years.

20 ounce bottle make 24 gallons and can do 60 feet of trench.

78 ounce jugs make 99 Gallons and can do 240 feet of trench.

     Pest control/Ant control around buildings calls for same 0.8 ounce per gallon but a gallon is rated to   cover a 1,000sqft. Most building take no more then 1-2 gallons for pest control. Average reapplication is every 4 months.

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