Wisdom TC Quart

Product 221361



With a quart of wisdom making up to 64 gallons, at the same price as a pint of talstar, wisdom offers more for the money. We rate wisdom to last 6 weeks - 12 weeks which is about 25% less longevity then talstar. But if looking to have a great knockdown of insects on large areas wisdom will do the job.

Turf areas covers up to 64,000 sqft and labeled for chich bugs, fire ants, roaches, spiders, sod webworm, and many more.

Labeled as a termiticde as well and can do horizontal and vertical barriers. Makes enough to do 320 sqft of pre treat or 80 feet of trenching when used as vertical barrier.

Also labled to control many common insect issues on plant, ornamentals, and trees.

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