Who's Who Among Early Waco's Pimps, Madams, Prostitutes & Shady Ladies

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Compiled by Sherri Knight and James Pylant. Softbound (2011), 100 pp.


This unique directory sheds light on the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Waco, Texas, when men and women could openly own and operate their own saloons and bawdy houses. After finding more than 1,200 names of people involved in the business of prostitution between 1869 and 1918 while researching for the book—The Oldest Profession in Texas: Waco's Legal Red Light District—the authors decided to keep a database of those characters they came across in city directories, court cases, the bawdy house register, jail dockets, census and other records. This is that database. Names, dates, addresses (when known), and at least one bit of information are given for every entry.

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