Death List: Trail of Terror

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By Sherri Knight. Softcover (2012), 276 pp., illus., indexed.


Three desperate convicts under the cover of darkness slipped out of the confines of the Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City, Thursday night, August 22, 1974. Dalton Williams, Jerry Ben Ulmer, and Richard Mangum headed south, stealing and abandoning automobiles along the way.

Two pretty petite social workers—Janice Lefever and Betty Jane Tucker—made a fateful stop along a New Mexico highway. Kidnapped and raped, the terrified women found their lives in the hands of three murderous minds.

Bent on vengeance, the escapees alter their orginally planned route to Mexico in order to settle a few personal scores. Less than two days later, on his remote West Texas ranch, T. L. Baker never had a chance before being sniper-killed in the early morning hours of Saturday.

The death list trio headed east—deeper into the heart of the Lone Star State.

Setting off one of the most intensive manhunts in North Central Texas history, over two hundred lawmen, including the FBI, U.S. Marshals, Texas Rangers, highway patrol, sheriffs' departments and surrounding police forces, converged on rural Erath County while their escapees subjected its citizens to terror and cold-blooded murder.

Using dozens of personal interviews and first-hand accounts, true-crime author/researcher Sherri Knight recreates the days of upheaval that captivated the nation through daily sensational newspaper headlines and continuous television bulletin updates.



"Sherri Knight's attention to detail is evident . . ."

          —The Haskell Star 


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