Unscented Pure - Meditation Blotting Paper
Fragrant Lavender - Calming Influence Blotting Paper
Aromatic Rose – Uplifting Spirit Blotting Paper
Blot Out Offensive™ shine + oil control cream - HD Primer / Instant Matte Anti- Shine
Twinkle Not Wrinkle™ Eye Cream + Base / Primer + Treatment
Seal The Deal Eyes™ Liner + Shadow Sealer - a liquid substitute for water - Mixing Medium
Clean Sweep - Foam Makeup Remover™ removes eye, face & body makeup
Made For The Mist Facial / Body Spray™
Tropical Topical Tamanu™ serum oil with Vitamin E
Tropical Topical Tamanu™ dark circle + puffy eye roller
Mata Matte Maracuja Oil™ primer serum + Vitamin C
Made For The Mist Face / Body Airbrush™
NF™(Non-Flammable) Airbrush Cleaner Concentrate a Chemical-Free Alternative for Cosmetic Airbrush Cleaning. Easy to Pack, Carry & Travel™
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