Made For The Mist Facial / Body Spray™

Product 179202



Made For The Mist Facial / Body Spray™ is part of our Wellness Aloe Vera Skincare™ line of products that are safe for sensitive skin. Our Aloe Vera Gel First Formula provides a quick lasting fix for uncomfortable situations, by providing instant hydrating, moisturizing & cooling for sensitive dry skin, for instant feel good Refreshment For Your Face® & Body. Use under makeup for added moisture or over makeup to cool down skin. It is a must for skin stressed by the joys of life & exposure to harsh elements. It helps to seal in goodness for cell renewal, tones down the red raw look of abused skin; while it cools, refreshes & soothes delicate areas of your face, head & body. Close your eyes as your refresh your face, lips, neck chest, arms legs... spray anywhere dryness and chaffing can cause discomfort. Paraben-Free. Alcohol-Free, No Added Fragrance, No Added Colors & No Animal Testing. Feel, See & Sense the Difference™ To Use: Spray over face & body in sweeping motion, holding bottle 10" - 12" away from skin; close eyes & mouth to refresh lids & lips. Use as desired. Spray Bottle 2 Fl. Oz. / 59 mL