Twinkle Not Wrinkle™ Eye Cream + Base / Primer + Treatment

Product 179211



Twinkle Not Wrinkle™ Eye Cream + Base - Is a Vegan HD Primer for the total eye area, which is also a High Performance Moisturizing Treatment Cream, helping to firm & minimize file lines & wrinkles, while it protects the sensitive eye area from shadows aggressive binders and textures. A Silicone Free non-oily base, for the eye area prior to applying makeup it assists in controlling the application of eyeliner, shadows and concealers; helping to make makeup last. Twinkle Not Wrinkle™ Eye Cream + Base – is a high performance quick absorbing light weight cream that is applied over the total eye area, including the lid, brow bone, underneath the eye, above and between the brows, plus the outer corners of the eye (crow feet area). It moisturizes, plus helps firm & minimize file lines & wrinkles. Our Silicone Free formula contains Aloe Vera Gel to help restore skin's suppleness, Hyaluronic Acid for fine lines and wrinkles, Comfrey Leaf Extract for it soothing anti-irritation qualities, Apricot Kernel Oil's Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and Vitamin C to help skin's anti-pollution defense with antioxidants and anti-aging benefits. Use morning and night for your eye treatment cream. Our white jar makes it easier to identify in your makeup kit from our Blot Out Offensive™ HD Primer.

Men appreciate its quick absorption, providing a natural look. You can smile with your eyes without the worry of aging wrinkles. Use it as a Lip Primer on dry cracked lips to smooth and hold matte lip color and thick, heavy pigmented lip color, use above the lips to help those fine 'kiss lines'. Feel, See & Sense the Difference™ Jar Net Wt. 0.5 Oz 14.175 g