NF™(Non-Flammable) Airbrush Cleaner Concentrate a Chemical-Free Alternative for Cosmetic Airbrush Cleaning. Easy to Pack, Carry & Travel™

Product 179218



NF™(Non-Flammable) Airbrush Cleaner Concentrate removes Water, Silicone, Alcohol Based Makeup in addition to Pros-Aide PAX Paint and Acrylics. Our Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint Oil, is made using food-grade quality ingredients, has no colorants, no artificial fragrance, no preservatives, no volatile chemicals, no dangerous poisons, no animal by products & no animal testing. Use to clean residue & clogs from airbrushes, even when different based products are mixed together by accident. Can also be used to remove Silicone makeups from cosmetic brushes. Product Can Be Shipped and Carried By Air Squeeze Bottle 4 Fl. Oz. / 118 ml