Mata Matte Maracuja Oil™ primer serum + Vitamin C

Product 256751



Mata Matte Maracuja Oil™ primer serum oil + Vitamin C is a Vegan Moisturizer with anti-aging, antioxidants, that brightens skin providing a natural radiant appearance from Vitamin C, that helps control skin serum oil production, helps smooth skins fine lines and calms skin, while providing a natural soft feel to skin. Use our quick nourishing penetrating oil on face, eye lids and neck. After cleansing skin apply to skin to Prep Skin under an application of Blot Out Offensive™ shine + oil control HD Primer. Not a lab synthesized oil, it is cold pressed, no added color and no added fragrance. Rich in Essential Fatty Acids that can Soothe irritated skin, its Moisturizing Regenerative & Antiseptic Properties from its Phytosterols and Carotenoids provide antioxidant benefits, its Tocopherols provide Vitamin E.

Use to prep and moisturize oily and combination skin, apply to eye lids to assist with fine lines and brightening.  Apply to skin to ease irritation, dryness + cracking. Apply and massage into the face as a penetrating moisturizing, anti-aging, soothing, sebum oil control serum. Apply to damp hair and scalp to help encourage hair growth and vitality. Vegan, Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. Feel, See & Sense the Difference™

Our Passionfruit Maracuja Seed Oil Deodorized, Passiflora Incarnata Oil, has  a 1.5 year shelf life and should be kept in its original packaging and kept closed, stored cool, and not in direct sunlight, when not in use. Squeeze Bottle 1 Fl. Oz. / 29 mL