Coyote Cuff #22 wire lever

Product 181624



The Coyote Cuff #22 has a 4 1/2 inch jaw spread and Coyote Cuff malleable cast jaws with a 1/2 inch jaw face and 5/16 inch offset. It is built out of heavy, 3/16 inch steel and made with wire levers for speed and strength. It has a re-inforced baseplate, is center swiveled with D-ring and comes with 2 crunch proof swivels and 12 inches of #3 machine chain. We use a small Pos-i-trip pan that is pre-set to 4 lbs of tension. The wire levers are very strong and lock up high and tight on the jaws. This trap will meet the trap restrictions for states that require smaller jaw spreads.

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