Basic Budgeting & Credit Building

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The course worksheets will guide you through the main methods for managing your money, budget and savings.  You will be able to calculate daily speading to manage debt successfully and understand the range of speading habits.

In addition to your monthly income and expenses management, you will  also have a good picture of your overall financial health. Do you own more than you owe? Would you have enough assets to pay off all of your debts if they were to come due today? 

The Download will include 3 worksheets that will lead you to discover your net worth and 2 documents that will provide credit building techniques.

The downloads will include:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Personal Budget Worksheet
  • Personal Financial Statement Worksheet
  • How Much Credit Can You Afford Worksheet
  • How to Protect Your Credit Information
  • Who Are The Three Major Credit Bureaus Information

Congratulation making the decision towards financial freedom!






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